Hindu God teach us many lessons in life. In daily life where time changes and our habits too, in this busy life where spiritual thoughts help us to make our minds and day fresh. Life is a series between day and birth; between those many ups and downs, many incidents happen that we don’t want.

In these situations, the lesson of Hindu gods helps us to calm down the mind. Our Hindu Dharma has no identifications of the beginning and the other is no end to the Dharma, In modern times we are following our rituals and thoughts of religion proudly.

Thoughts of Hindu Religion

Don’t worry about the outcome of your actions. our Hindu Dharma teaches us this thought and it is very important in life to achieve our goals. If we work towards the results without any hesitation and tension, it can increase the chances of getting positive results.

Yes, there is a hell. Most of the time we hear that you’re going to hell after death. Hell is not a place but it is a state of mind. Hell is the result of your actions and your works. Similarly, Heaven is just the result of your behavior. How you’re living and behaving towards others and also towards yourself. So live a good life.

God is everywhere and in everyone, you just need to believe in it. You see, what you want to see. If you have a positive mind then you can see lots of positivity around yourself in the environment. In Hindu Dharma, you just need to believe and nothing else.

Karma is the biggest factor just not for Hindus but for everyone, basically, it is a Sanskrit word that means actions. According to our Hindu Dharma, every action of the human being is recorded in a book named “Book of Karma”. God gives you the result according to your Karma. Karma decides your future not just of this life but also of your next life. Where you will be born, or what’s your creature in the next life? So, our Dharma teaches us to do as good things as possible.

Life Lessons By Hindu God

Lord Shiva


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The destroyer of evil teaches us not to stay quiet if the happening around us. Try to keep zero tolerance in these situations. A lesson that everyone should apply in life given by Lord Shiva is that we have to control our minds. If you lose focus on life, you can’t win the battle of life.

Lord Shiva also known as “Neelkanth” swallowed poison, this incident teaches us that if we have Negativity around us then swallow it and turn it into positivity. Maa Parvati was Lord Shiva’s “Shakti”, he treated her with the respect she deserved. We have to respect all the girls and ladies with respect.

Don’t fall “Moh Maya”. Life is temporary, time changes and so do we. So, we don’t have to fall for anything, live a beautiful life because everything does not exist forever.

Lord Ganesha

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Once Maa Parvati and Lord Shiva offered the fruit of knowledge to their sons but those who circulate the earth twice gets the fruit. Lord Kartikeya circulate the earth twice on his vehicle but Lord Ganesha circulate his parents thrice because he felt that his parents are their world.

This incident teaches us that we have to respect our parents in every situation. Nobody is more important than the parents. Ganesh ji cursed moon over some issues but when Moon felt guilty, Ganesh ji forgive moon and lowed the power of the curse.

Hanuman Ji

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Loyalty above everything, Lord Hanuman’s only motive was to serve Shri Rama in every condition. In this generation, we have never-ending goals but to achieve goals we can’t lose our loyalty. Be humble to everyone even if you have anything. Lord Hanuman had extreme powers but he used those powers when he needed the most.

Find solutions for the problems, not excuses. when he went on the search for medicine to cure Laxman ji. He lifted the whole mountain of herb. This story of Hanuman ji gives a special message that if we have strong willpower then we can solve any problem.

Don’t be the escapist, Lead your team from the front even in the worst crisis. Hanuman ji led the whole Vanar Sena and built the bridge in Sea. Leadership is very important for all of us, if we have the responsibility of leadership then try every possible way of victory. Fear is never an option. when Hanuman ji was a child, he ate the Sun because he was thinking that it is a fruit. So, if you have a positive ambition and dedication, then you can achieve your goals.

Lord Krishna




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Everything happens for a reason, This line by Lord Krishna explains the whole scenario of life. There is a reason behind everything that happens in life. We all are the children of God and the world is governed by him, So don’t be worried about everything. Nothing evil can happen to us because God is protecting us.

Live in Present. Krishna ji knew about the future and what would happen in the future, but still, he was living the life at present. Just like him, don’t be too conscious about the future. Live in the present and pay more attention to the present. Too much overthinking about the future can affect your mental health too.

No job is big or small. Krishna ji could have won the battle of Kurukshetra but he still chose to drive the chariot of Arjun and he was guiding Arjuna toward victory. A god of all creation was driving the chariot, it is a great example of simplicity in today’s life. A good, big, or small job is just a topic of discussion not a big matter if you want to work purely.

Shri Ram



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Never give up in any situation. Ram ji was never backed down in search of Mata Sita. But he handled all the situations with calmness If we fix onto a goal, then it may take days, weeks, months, or years but never give up, and do every possible work to achieve it. Lord Ram teaches us to respect the elders and that what is the dharma of a child.

He left his kingdom, state, and all the luxuries behind just because of the promise of his father. He lived for 14 years in the jungle in a hut. That’s what our Shri ram is.

Lord Rama won many wars against monsters but he never lost his calm. He had very great control over his emotions and powers. He never misused it, Just like Lord Rama we have to stay grounded even after achieving everything. Our Hindu religion teaches us humble behavior for everyone.

Quotes from Bhagavat Gita

Bhagavad Gita, the holiest book of Hinduism teaches us life-changing quotes. If you apply these lines in your life then you can see everything from a different point of view. Your life will fill with positivity.

Change is the Law of Universe

Nothing is permanent in life. Time changes so on people. So you have to accept everything over your emotions and then you can live peacefully. A message that Bhagavad Gita gives us is that “What we have today, is what belonged to someone yesterday and this is what someone will receive in the future”. So, we have to go with the flow of life.

Love the Process without depending on the Outcome

Most of the time, we predict the result without effort. This will lead to heartbreak if we will not achieve the goal. So, do your work without any tension of result. And it will definitely give you the result according to your work.

Everything Happens for a Reason

Everything that we receive is the result of our Karma means the result of our actions. Whatever happens around you, happened because of some reason. So, never feel about negativity if something anonymously happened to you, it surely is the decision of God.

Give without Expecting Something in Return

A gift is not just a piece that you give but it is also your love for someone, but the gift is pure only when you give it to the right person at right time and in right place and you aren’t expecting something in return. This gesture increases your love for the receiver.

You are what You think You are

Always look for the good in the world and your life will fill with goodness. This quote from our Hindu Dharma teaches a very strong lesson about life which means your position in life is because of your work.

You will receive what you will give. If you are not serious about life or you do have not any purpose in life, then you will not get a good life. So, Live a good life with dedication and you can automatically see the result.


In conclusion, Hindu Dharma encompasses a rich tapestry of spiritual beliefs, practices, and values. Its scriptures, such as the Vedas and Upanishads, provide profound insights into the nature of reality and the purpose of human existence. Hindu Dharma encourages individuals to seek personal growth through self-discipline and introspection.

It fosters a deep reverence for all forms of life and promotes compassion, kindness, and social harmony. The rituals and ceremonies associated with Hindu Dharma serve as powerful tools for connecting with the divine and cultivating a sense of inner peace.

Through its teachings, Hindu Dharma offers a holistic approach to life, embracing the interconnectedness of the physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions.

It encourages individuals to find their own unique path to enlightenment while recognizing the divinity that resides within all beings. Thus, Hindu Dharma stands as a timeless and vibrant tradition, guiding millions on their quest for self-realization and a meaningful existence.


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