Welcome to the mystical realm of Vedic Astrology, an ancient system of divination deeply rooted in the wisdom of the Vedas. With its origins dating back thousands of years, Vedic Astrology continues to captivate and inspire seekers of cosmic knowledge.

In this blog, we embark on a journey to explore one intriguing aspect of Vedic Astrology—the enigmatic Divisional Vargas. These divisions, also known as Vargas or charts, hold the key to unlocking the intricate tapestry of our lives, offering profound insights into various aspects of our existence.

Introduction to the divine Vargas:

The foundation of Vedic Astrology rests upon the belief that the celestial bodies and their cosmic dance influence and shape our destinies. By studying the intricate interplay between the planets, signs, and houses, Vedic Astrologers can decipher the hidden patterns and unveil the profound wisdom encoded within our birth charts.

The Divisional Vargas are an indispensable tool in the Vedic Astrologer’s arsenal. These charts provide a more detailed and nuanced analysis of specific areas of our lives, offering a deeper understanding of our personalities, relationships, career prospects, and spiritual journey. Each Varga explores a unique facet of our existence, bringing forth a more comprehensive view of our life’s purpose and potential.

While the Divisional Vargas hold immense significance in Vedic Astrology, it is important to approach their interpretation with reverence and respect. A skilled Vedic Astrologer not only analyzes the Vargas but also integrates them with the core birth chart or Vargas, blending the insights seamlessly to present a holistic view of an individual’s destiny.

Join us as we embark on this voyage of self-discovery, where ancient wisdom meets modern understanding, and the stars align to illuminate the path to self-realization.


Unveiling the 16 Main Vargas: Exploring the Cosmic Dimensions

Below is a detailed description of each Varga, providing a deep dive into the 16 main Vargas of Vedic Astrology:

  1. Navamsa (D-9) Vargas: The Divine Harmony

The Navamsa Varga, is often considered the most important among the Divisional Vargas. It is derived by dividing each sign into nine equal parts, resulting in nine divisions per sign. The Navamsa chart provides valuable insights into marriage, partnerships, and spiritual inclinations.

This Varga explores the deeper dimensions of our relationships and helps us understand the karmic connections we form with others. It reveals the harmony or disharmony between spouses, indicating the strength of their bond. The Navamsa Vargas also sheds light on our spiritual growth and the lessons we need to learn for our soul’s evolution.

  1. Dashamsa (D-10) Vargas: The Professional Path

The Dashamsa Varga, also known as the Dashamsa, focuses on our career and achievements. It divides each sign into ten equal parts, resulting in ten divisions per sign. This Varga helps us understand our professional potential, success, and societal influence.

By analyzing the Dashamsa chart, astrologers can determine the most suitable career paths for individuals. It provides insights into their talents, skills, and the type of work environment that would best support their growth. The Dashamsa chart also reveals the potential for success, fame, and recognition in the professional realm.

  1. Dreshkana (D-3) Vargas: The Sibling Stories

The Dreshkana Varga divides each sign into three equal parts, resulting in three divisions per sign. It focuses on our relationships with siblings, talents, and hobbies.

This Varga offers insights into the dynamics of our relationships with brothers and sisters. It reveals the nature of our bond, the support we receive from them, and any challenges that may arise. Additionally, the Dreshkana Vargas provides glimpses into our unique talents, hobbies, and areas where we can express our creativity.

  1. Chaturthamsa (D-4) Vargas: The Blessings of Home and Property

The Chaturthamsa Varga divides each sign into four equal parts, resulting in four divisions per sign. It sheds light on our domestic life, comforts, and the blessings we receive from our dwelling.

This Varga explores our connection to our home, property, and the sense of security they provide. It reveals our relationship with our parents, our nurturing abilities, and the overall well-being of our family life. The Chaturthamsa chart also reflects the influence of our ancestral lineage on our present-day circumstances.

  1. Panchamsha (D-5) Vargas: The Seeds of Creativity

The Panchamsha Varga divides each sign into five equal parts, resulting in five divisions per sign. It focuses on creativity, intelligence, and progeny.

This Varga unveils our artistic talents, creative potential, and intellectual capabilities. It provides insights into our ability to express ourselves creatively, whether through arts, music, writing, or other forms of self-expression. Additionally, the Panchamsha Vargas sheds light on our capacity for parenthood and the joys and challenges associated with raising children.

  1. Shashtiamsa (D-60) Vargas: The Karmic Tapestry

The Shashtiamsa Varga divides each sign into sixty equal parts, resulting in sixty divisions per sign. It is an essential Varga for understanding the karmic intricacies of our past lives and the spiritual evolution of our soul.

This Varga delves into the karmic imprints from our previous incarnations. It reveals the lessons we carry forward into this lifetime, as well as the spiritual growth and challenges we encounter. The Shashtiamsa chart assists in uncovering our deeper purpose and aligning our actions with our soul’s evolution.


  1. Saptamsa (D-7) Vargas: The Realm of Progeny

The Saptamsa Varga divides each sign into seven equal parts, resulting in seven divisions per sign. It provides valuable insights into our children, creative pursuits, and romantic relationships.

This Varga sheds light on our experience of parenthood and the blessings and responsibilities associated with raising children. It also reveals our capacity for creative self-expression and the potential for artistic endeavors. In terms of relationships, the Saptamsa Vargas indicates the type of romantic partnerships we are likely to attract and the compatibility we share with our partners.

  1. Ashtamsa (D-8) Vargas: The Gateway to Mysteries

The Ashtamsa Varga divides each sign into eight equal parts, resulting in eight divisions per sign. It delves into the depths of mysteries, secrets, and transformative experiences.

This Varga unveils the hidden dimensions of our lives, including our fears, psychological patterns, and the transformative processes we undergo. It sheds light on our inner strength, resilience, and ability to navigate challenging circumstances. The Ashtamsa chart also reveals the potential for spiritual transformation and our capacity to access occult knowledge.

  1. Navamsa (D-27) Vargas: The Lunar Mansions

The Navamsa Varga, also known as the Nakshatra Navamsa, focuses on the 27 lunar mansions or Nakshatras. It provides a detailed analysis of our emotional nature, intuition, and the lunar influences on our lives.

This Varga deepens our understanding of our emotional well-being, sensitivity, and intuitive abilities. It reveals the impact of the lunar cycles on our moods, behaviors, and decision-making processes. By analyzing the Navamsa (D-27) Varga, astrologers can gain insights into our emotional strengths and challenges, as well as our connection with the divine feminine energy.


  1. Dasamsa (D-30) Vargas: The Insights into Career Karma

The Dasamsa Varga divides each sign into 30 equal parts, resulting in 30 divisions per sign. It offers a deeper examination of our career, shedding light on the karmic influences shaping our professional journey.

This Varga provides insights into the specific karmic lessons we need to embrace for success in our professional lives. It reveals our career potential, the type of work we are suited for, and the challenges we may encounter along the way. The Dasamsa chart assists in making informed career choices and understanding the karmic implications of our professional actions.

  1. Shodashamsa (D-16) Vargas: The Wisdom of Past Lives

The Shodashamsa Varga divides each sign into sixteen equal parts, resulting in sixteen divisions per sign. It delves into the wisdom gained from our past lives and the spiritual knowledge we carry.

This Varga offers a deeper understanding of our spiritual growth, wisdom, and the divine blessings we carry from previous incarnations. It reveals our spiritual inclinations, our connection with higher realms, and our ability to access ancient knowledge. The Shodashamsa chart guides us in harnessing our past life wisdom to navigate our current spiritual journey.

  1. Vimsamsa (D-20) Vargas: The Quest for Knowledge

The Vimsamsa Varga divides each sign into twenty equal parts, resulting in twenty divisions per sign. It focuses on spirituality, knowledge, and religious inclinations.

This Varga explores our quest for higher knowledge, philosophical understanding, and religious beliefs. It reveals our inclination towards spiritual pursuits, the depth of our philosophical insights, and the pathways through which we seek higher truths. The Vimsamsa chart guides us towards embracing knowledge and expanding our consciousness.

  1. Chaturvimsamsa (D-24) Vargas: The Family Connections

The Chaturvimsamsa Varga divides each sign into twenty-four equal parts, resulting in twenty-four divisions per sign. It provides insights into extended family, ancestry, and lineage.

This Varga sheds light on the influence of our extended family, including grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. It reveals the karmic ties and ancestral blessings shaping our familial bonds. The Chaturvimsamsa chart helps us understand our ancestral lineage and the karmic lessons embedded within our family connections.

  1. Siddhamsa (D-24) Vargas: The Divine Blessings

The Siddhamsa Varga divides each sign into twenty-four equal parts, resulting in twenty-four divisions per sign. It unveils the divine blessings, spiritual attainments, and mystical powers we possess.

This Varga provides insights into our spiritual progress and the divine grace bestowed upon us. It reveals our spiritual attainments, the blessings we have received, and our potential for spiritual healing and transformation. The Siddhamsa chart guides us in harnessing our spiritual gifts for the benefit of ourselves and others.

  1. Bhamsa (D-27) Vargas: The Divisions of the Zodiac

The Bhamsa Varga divides the zodiac signs into specific divisions, shedding light on our character, personality traits, and inherent strengths and weaknesses.

This Varga explores the deeper dimensions of our personality and character. By analyzing the Bhamsa chart, astrologers gain insights into our individuality, temperament, and unique qualities. It helps us understand our inherent strengths and weaknesses, enabling us to make the most of our potentials.

  1. Trimsamsa (D-30) Vargas: The Quest for Moksha

The Trimsamsa Varga divides each sign into thirty equal parts, resulting in thirty divisions per sign. It delves into our spiritual progress and the pursuit of liberation (Moksha).

This Varga assists us in understanding our spiritual journey and the karmic lessons we must learn to attain higher states of consciousness. It reveals the obstacles and challenges we may encounter on the path to spiritual liberation. The Trimsamsa chart guides us towards self-realization and the ultimate goal of transcending the cycle of birth and death.

In conclusion, the 16 main Vargas of Vedic Astrology provide us with profound insights into various aspects of our lives, including relationships, career, spirituality, and personal growth. By analyzing these Vargas, we can gain a deeper understanding of our individuality, karmic patterns, and the cosmic forces that shape our destiny.



The 16 main Vargas of Vedic Astrology serve as windows into the intricate tapestry of our lives. Each Varga unravels a unique aspect, offering profound insights that guide us towards self-discovery, personal growth, and spiritual evolution.

From the divine harmony of Navamsa to the transformative depths of Ashtamsa, and from the blessings of Chaturthamsa to the quest for knowledge in Vimsamsa, these Vargas paint a holistic picture of our existence. They reveal the interplay between our past lives and present circumstances, highlighting the karmic lessons we must embrace and the blessings we carry from our ancestors.

Through the wisdom of these Vargas, we can navigate the complexities of relationships, uncover our true professional path, nurture our creative potential, and seek solace in our spiritual journey. They remind us that we are not mere spectators but active participants in the cosmic dance, shaping our destiny with every choice we make.

Embracing the insights of the 16 main Vargas, we embark on a transformative voyage towards self-realization. We discover our authentic selves, align our actions with higher truths, and cultivate a deeper connection with the divine forces that govern the universe.

So, let us embrace the wisdom of Vedic Astrology’s Divisional Vargas and embark on this journey of self-discovery. Let us unlock the secrets of our soul, nurture our relationships, fulfill our professional aspirations, and embark on a path of spiritual awakening. In doing so, we pave the way for a life filled with purpose, fulfillment, and a profound understanding of our place in the cosmic symphony.

Unveil the mysteries of the Vargas, embrace the profound insights they offer, and embark on a soul-stirring adventure towards self-realization. The transformative power of the 16 main Vargas awaits, beckoning us to embark on a journey of profound self-discovery and spiritual growth.




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