Are you planning to take your relationship to the ultimate destination? The Love Marriage. But worried about the hurdles that might block your way? Or, even destroy your way? Don’t worry. We got your back.

First, Let’s face the hard fact. Love marriage is a more stressful task than you imagine. From convincing your parents till the final knot, the two of you will have to face many hurdles.

Especially, bridging peace between two families is as hard as bridging peace between two conflicting states. You saw ‘2 states’ right? It takes the pulp out of you if you survive through it.

However, if your horoscope is fixed on good planets, and they are in the right position with houses, you could have a smooth journey. You could have a hurdle-free journey. And you could have a successful and happy marriage.

In this blog, we will the astrological secrets – planetary positions, houses,  combinations, and finally remedies, to turn your loving relationship into a successful love marriage.

Let’s start with…


How planets play a key role in our lives

Each planet in the solar system affects us astrologically in some way or the other. Each planet represents a different segment of our lives, a different vibe, and a different energy.


planets for love marriage

They rule over different parts of our psyche, our desires, and various needs that make humans who they are. So, you should know your planets and what areas of your life they affect according to horoscopes.

Remember, a weak planet doesn’t yield bad results to everyone and similarly, a strong planet will not guarantee good results to everyone.

It depends on the significance of planets in an individual’s horoscope. According to Vedic astrology, there are only seven planets in the universe – Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Mercury, and Saturn. Rahu and Ketu are regarded as shadow planets.

Out of these seven planets, five planets – Rahu, Moon, Mars, Venus, and Mercury – are responsible for influencing love marriages. Their combinations can also be studied in making accurate predictions about Love Marriage.


Five Planets for Love Marriage In Astrology


Venus is the Planet of Love and romance. It is associated with feminine energy and has a significant impact on one’s love life. It is the most important planet for marriage, love, and romance. It gives a natural sign of marriage.

Venus is responsible for qualities such as sensuality, attractiveness, and social appeal. The position of Venus, as well as its interactions with other planets and house lords, provides information about the possibility of a love marriage.

So in the state of Marriage in astrology, Venus is the Most important Planet.



The planet Mars is associated with qualities such as passion, ambition, energy, courage, and assertion. It carries male energy. In the girls’ chart, Mars shows a Boyfriend also. Mars shows Passion or Fire within Us.

Its presence makes us more efficient and competitive. Mars also has an influence on an individual’s love interests and inclinations. If Mars is not favourable in the horoscope, it results in Mangal Dosha. This dosha can cause obstacles, arguments, and even separation or divorce between the couple.

Also, the combination of Mars and Venus can decrease the chances of a love marriage.



Rahu is a sign of Unsatisfied desire. It has the infamous powers that can persuade a person to go outside the norm. Rahu makes a Person Sensual and it will generate the desire to experience life. According to astrological predictions related to marriage, Rahu’s position is very significant.

If Rahu presents at the 7th house in your horoscope, it triggers non-traditional unions. However, marriage astrology says, if Rahu is in the ascendant and Jupiter is aspect the seventh house, it is a positive indication for marriage to natives.



In astrology, Mercury is hailed as the planet of communication. It has young vitality and always wants to enjoy and have fun in life. In Nadi Astrology, it also implies friends of the opposite sex. So Mercury is also necessary to check for Love Marriage Prediction.

So, it is important to consider the position of Mercury in a person’s birth chart while marrying the person they love. According to love marriage astrology, the combination of Mercury and Venus in the fifth or seventh house indicates a positive sign for marriage.



According to Astrology, the Moon is associated with intellect and it controls our min. It turns people into workaholics, making it difficult for them to fall in Love and Romance. So, the Chances of Love Marriage for them is low.

When the Moon at unfavorable positioned in Kundli, it makes their pessimism and causes stress, and tension, and even triggers suicidal thoughts. In contrast, if it is in a favorable position, it brings joy, enthusiasm, and peace of mind. A strong Moon is a sign of the possibility of a beautiful partner. So in love marriage, the moon plays a key role in male horoscopes.


Houses for Love Marriage

Now, let’s take a quick look at the houses for the Love Marriage.

Houses for love marriage

7th House

The 7th house is also called a marital house. It plays an important role in relationships like love marriage, arranged marriage, and married couples. So, in love marriage Astrology, you must check the 7th house. Otherwise, it leads to an unhappy or stressful life.

5th House

It is a positive sign of romance and pleasure. So it is the main house on the list for love and romance. So, you must check with it before performing a Kundli analysis for love marriage.

8th House

It associates with physical intimacy and sexual desire. It may not play a significant role in Love Marriage in Horoscope but it is important to sustain Love in a relationship.

11th House

This is a house of friendship. It is important to get success and burning desire. It controls your outcomes, relationships, and aspirations in your social circle.


Right Combinations of Planets and House for Successful Love Marriage In Astrology

Along with planets and houses, you must find their combinations while looking for a love marriage in Kundli.

  • The 5th and 7th house influences love and romance. If the 5th Lord is Located in the 7th House or the 7th Lord is in the 5th house in a Watery Zodiac Sign, the Chance of Love Marriage is Extremely High.
  • The combination of Rahu-Venus is a strong indicator of Love marriage. When Venus comes in contact with Rahu, it sparks Love and Romance in a person. Especially if Rahu is placed in the 7th house of the Kundali.
  • When the lord of the 2nd and 5th houses connects, it’s the best time to marry a partner of your choice.
  • The Rahu-Moon combination and Moon-Mercury combination is another positive indicator of Love and Romance. If Venus also joins this combination, It’s the ultimate sign.
  • The 8th house is considered a house of Sex and physical intimacy. If the 5th house connects with the 8th house or the 5th lord is located in the 8th house, there is a chance that a mutual aspect cos enter into a new relationship.
  • Rahu increases everything. When the Rahu-Venus Conjunction is present in Signs such as Libra, Scorpio, Pisces, and Gemini, there is a great chance for Love Marriage.
  • When Rahu, Saturn, or Venus are in the 7th house, it’s an excellent odds that the native would have a love marriage.


Remedies To Make Your Love Marriage Horoscope Strong

Follow these small remedies that could make your marriage horoscope strong and leads you to happy wedlock.

  • Worship Radha Krishna idols. They can give strength to your love relationships.
  • Keep a pair of love birds made of Rose Quartz in your bedroom. It will evoke the aura of love.
  • Wear a Rose Quartz stone ring, bracelet, or pendant. They can bring charm to relationships.


Still, have any Queries related to Love Marriage Astrology

This blog covered all key astrological elements related to love marriage. But if you still hold any queries regarding planet positioning, house combinations, astrological remedies, horoscope matching, etc., drop your issues in the comment box.


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