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Mangal Mahadasha have a significant role in astrology’s ability to predict human life and behaviour. In astrology, the Planet Mars or Mangal Grah plays an essential part in Vedic astrology since it is seen as a representation of our primary source of energy. Mars also plays an important role in Hinduism.

Mars/Mangal, along with Jupiter and Saturn, is considered to be one of the solar system’s outer planets. Mars and Our Home Planet Earth both complete one revolution around the Sun at a very different rate. Mars is located on the rim of the circle that the Earth creates when it revolves.

Only Venus and Mercury are able to enter the innermost orbit, which is the region closest to the sun. On the other hand, the Moon can sometimes be seen in between the Sun and Earth on particular occasions as well.

Mars/Mangal has a ruddy light and a reddish tint to its surface. As a result of its illumination during the night, it is impossible for anyone to miss noticing it. It is quite simple to differentiate from other things.

Mars/Mangal Astrology

Mangal Grah in Astrology

Hindi Mythology

According to Hindu mythology, Mars, also known as Mangal, is referred to as Bhoomi Putra. He is the offspring of the planet Earth, his mother. In addition, Angaraka is referred to as the son of Earth in the classic literature of ancient India.

An additional association of Mangal with Kartikeya, the deity of battle, is also possible. It is thought that when Earth was buried in the wide expanse of water, Lord Vishnu raised the Earth in his Varaha Avatar, pulled it out, and set it in an appropriate orbit. This occurred after the Earth had been immersed in the huge expanse of sea.

In response to Mother Earth’s gratitude, the grant of a feminine boon was requested. God gave his assent to provide a blessing. As a direct consequence of this divine marriage, Mangal was brought into the world.

As a result, this tale is connected to the idea that Mangal is the offspring of Lord Shiva and mother Earth. Mars is also considered to be the divine representation of gods such as Muruga, Subramanya, Kumaraswamy, Velayudham, and Vadivel in Hinduism.

Moreover, he is thought to be the Commander-in-Chief of all celestial bodies. It also has dominion over the “Samveda.”

Mars is thought to be both a god by Romans and a deity by Buddhists, according to the principles of Western astrology. Moreover, it is referred to as the God of Hunting and Battle. In Sanskrit, Mars is also known as Kuja, while in Tamil, it is referred to as Sevvai.

As well as being the God of Energy and Power, Disputes, and War, he is also the God of Destruction.

Mangal Grah’s Significance in Vedic Astrology:

In a native’s birth chart, Mangal is interpreted to symbolise the native’s “younger siblings or especially brother.” It is the ruler of the first house and the eighth house in the Kaal Purush Kundali, which is used in Vedic Astrology. Moreover, it is the significator of the third house and the fourth house.

Mangal Grah currently resides in the third house of the horoscope, which is known as the house of bravery. Mangal can perform much better in this house because it has high fighting skills, which will provide you with force to cope better in the areas related to the sixth house.

In the same way, the sixth house is the home of debt, diseases, and enemies. Mangal can do much better in this house. Let’s break down what it means in the paragraphs below:

  • Body Parts:

It is symbolic of the musculoskeletal system, the left ear, the face and the head, the bladder, the nose, the sense of taste, the uterus, the pelvic, the kidney, the prostate gland, the groynes, the rectum, the colon, the testicles, and the red bone marrow.

  • Physical appearance:

Individuals who are born under the strong influence of the Mangal Grah will have white skin with a tinge of red. This is one of their distinguishing physical characteristics. The native will have a towering stature and a robust physique. There will be acne on the person’s face. The eyes will have a spherical appearance. Their torsos will have a thin waist, and the centres of their bones will be filled with crimson bone marrow.

  • Diseases:

All acute fevers, smallpox, chickenpox, plague, measles, mumps, inflammatory complaints, burns, and ruptures of capillaries are diseases that are related to the Mangal Grah. Fistula, wounds, cuts, brain fever, haemorrhage typhoid, puerperal fever, ulcer in intestines, malaria, abortions, boils, bleeding, tumour, tetanus, and other conditions are among the conditions that can be treated.

What is Mangal Mahadasha?

It is regarded as having a great deal of importance in Vedic astrology. The phase of your life will endure for a total of seven years. Mars is noted for being the most hostile of all the planets, as well as being known as the fiery planet overall.

Hence, when it is in effect, you should be prepared to feel a little bit more energised than you often do at this time of year. Over the entirety of this experience, you are going to feel quite brave.

In addition to this, there will be a significant rise in the levels of self-assurance and the need for autonomy.

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Mangal Mahadasha Effects:

It’s Positive Effects:

  • When Mars is in perfect form, you will have an incredible amount of energy and the ability to do practically everything you set your mind to. You are going to do exceptionally well in your chosen field, and both your income and your wealth will skyrocket as a result.
  • You will have command over people because of your confident and independent demeanour, and it will not be difficult for you to get things done the way you want them to because of this.
  • Your leadership skills will go in a different direction altogether. In a powerful Mars Mahadasha, one has an additional edge in terms of physical strength. In addition to all of this, your desires will also expand, which will result in you becoming an overachiever.
  • As you work during the Mangal Mahadasha, you may notice that you are using your body more than usual. This might be expected on occasion. Because of the impacts of Mangal Mahadasha, any unfinished undertakings or business can be brought to a successful conclusion or attended to with a sense of purpose.
  • There is a good chance that you may have the impression that you are in complete control of your own life at some point. It is possible that there will be fits of rage or impulsive behaviour because of all of the energy and stubbornness.
  • You are protected from any and every injury and peril during the Mangal Mahadasha. At the Manga Mahadasha, you could choose to walk the road that is the most beneficial of all.

Negative Effects:

  • If the planet is positioned incorrectly, there is a good likelihood that you will be more likely to get into accidents and hurt yourself as a result of the increased willingness you will have to take risks.
  • When Mangal is strong in your natal chart, you are more likely to experience injuries like wounds, bruises, and rashes. You won’t have much patience left, which might make many challenges in your life more difficult to overcome.
  • When it does not favour you, the Mangal Mahadasha might cause you to have an extremely sluggish feeling. You will completely lose interest in going outside and participating in any activity that requires you to be outside.
  • You are not going to show any enthusiasm for any of the tasks. There will be many disruptions to your typical pattern of sleep, and as a consequence, you may find that you are easily agitated and frequently have feelings of fear.
  • Throughout the course of this Mahadasha, there is a good chance that you may be required to go through several significant surgical procedures.
  • To play it safe, you will go retreat if there is a situation that calls for some bravery. You won’t have the intestinal fortitude to stick up for yourself or anything else that you believe in. This is exactly the reverse of the outcomes that one experiences during the period of Mangal Mahadasha, which is considered to be beneficial.
  • You will have no remaining self-confidence, and you will be forced to rely on other people for assistance with all that has to be done. If you work in an industry that requires manual labour, you will have a difficult time advancing in your job and will experience a great deal of stress as a result of your poor performance.

Mangal Mahadasha

Mangal Mahadasha Relation With Other Planets and Zodiac Signs:

If Mangal Antardasha is active when Mangal Mahadasha is active, it has the potential to help you triumph over virtually any challenge that you encounter in your life. During Mangal Mahadasha, other people won’t be able to harm you in any way, and you’ll have a much simpler time achieving your goals.

You will be successful in all aspects of your life, whether it is handling your own money or climbing the ranks of your chosen profession. There is a very good chance of getting married. Nevertheless, the adverse impacts of Mangal Mahadasha might result in deadly accidents, the destruction of property, a lacklustre career, and exceedingly sluggish economic development.

On the other hand, favourable conditions exist for Mangal Mahadasha when Sun, Jupiter, and the Moon are all in Antardasha.

Mars, the planet, rules over the signs of Aries and Scorpio. It also works well with those born under the signs of Pisces, Sagittarius, Leo, and Cancer. Throughout the course of this dasha, these ascendants will receive significant benefits. Both Capricorn and Libra might expect to experience difficulties in their lives. Having said that, this is a rather generic approach, and the impacts in question also rely on a great many other circumstances.

Effects of Planetary Antardasha on Mangal Mahadasha:

The Effect of the Surya Antardasha in the Mangal Mahadasha:

  • When the native is in the Sun’s Antardasha at the same time as Mangal Mahadasha, then he or she experiences a great deal of success in their chosen line of employment. In particular, if the individual is engaged in some kind of labour connected to the land, then he will gain from it.
  • In this scenario, those who desire to enter politics have the opportunity to obtain favourable perks. It is possible for the individual to win an election if they are now running for office. In addition to this, Mangal Mahadasha also plays an essential part in ensuring that Manglik’s work is completed successfully.

 Effect of Chandra Antardasha in the Mangal Mahadash:

  • Wealth, renown, and reputation all rise when the Moon Antardasha and Mangal Mahadasha are active. The benefits associated with land are particularly advantageous. Moreover, Manglik’s works are completed. The Moon is regarded as the planet of a healthy relationship with the mother and intellect in Vedic astrology.
  • As a result, the native and mother’s bond is still flawless, and the mother provides the native with excellent assistance. And around this period, some people travel abroad. According to the astrologer, Lakshmi Yoga is another name for Mars and Moon yoga.
  • It is seen as auspicious yoga if Mars and the Moon are in the same position in the chart. The native in Mangal Mahadasha is fully wealthy.

The Effect of Budha Antardasha in the Mangal Mahadasha:

  • If the Mangal Mahadasha is active and Mercury is in Antardasha, the individual makes their decision a little hastily. Because of this, he occasionally experiences loss as well. According to the astrologer, one benefit of the Mangal Mahadasha is that if we use our minds extremely careful when working during the Dasha of Mars and Mercury, good results will also be attained.
  • Mars is a sign of vitality, a sign of strength, and a sign of force. The native succeeds in every endeavour with Mercury, the planet of knowledge, the combination of intelligence and bravery.

The Effect of Guru Antardasha in the Mangal Mahadasha:

  • A great reaction is given at this time if the Mangal Mahadasha and Jupiter Antardasha are both active. Jupiter is also the planet of wisdom and creativity, thus marriage yoga is established for the native, and he is rewarded with offspring. In other words, Jupiter is regarded as the child’s creator.
  • We get significant advantages in both of these areas in this scenario. The Dasha of Mars and Jupiter also indicates that a person has time on his side if he wishes to advance in his career at this time. Business, in particular, advances.
  • If a person works in the educational field throughout this time, he benefits from it. He can succeed even if he is currently training for government service.

The Effect of Shukra Antardasha in the Mangal Mahadasha:

  • Venus Antardasha with active Mangal Mahadasha may bring possibilities of finding a new life partner for the native. According to the astrologer, Venus is connected to love, and Mars is connected to Manglik’s work. So, the likelihood of getting married now is higher.
  • The individual also receives good perks in the workplace. Especially now if they are working in the fashion industry. A person gains much from the land since Mars is also connected to the earth. If someone wishes to build a new home, he or she can do so by buying the land themselves.
  • This gives me a great deal of mental pleasure. The benefits extend to anyone who chooses to labour in locations other than their birthplace.

The Effect of Shani Anatardasha:

  • Because both Mars and Saturn are regarded as malefic planets at this time, one should exercise extreme caution and Saturn’s Antardasha are both active. Accidents are inevitable if their birth charts are aligned or if their vision is connected.
  • At this time, extreme caution is advised since Mars, and Saturn’s yoga can occasionally result in fatalities. Moreover, Saturn Antardasha  indicates that you can have a big loss during this period. You can experience loss at work. The native must use caution since adversaries may be dominant.

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