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Nakshatras play an important part in defining numerous elements of human existence in the field of Vedic astrology. These heavenly star clusters also wield enormous power and influence over us, influencing our personalities, abilities, weaknesses, and life trajectories. Moola Nakshatra, the 19th of the 27 Nakshatras, is said to be one of the most powerful and transformational energies. The Homam is done to elicit the benefits and reduce the malefic consequences connected with Moola Nakshatra.

This article delves into the detailed elements and remedies of this ancient ceremony and discusses its importance.

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About Moola Nakshatra

Moola Nakshatra, symbolised by the astronomical star Alcor, is very important in Vedic astrology.

In Hindu Astrology, Moola Nakshatra is one of the 27 Nakshatras or Lunar Mansions. Additionally, it is linked to the constellation Lambda, Mu, Nu, Xi, and Omicron Scorpionis, which includes the star Antares. Moreover, the first section of the constellation Scorpio is known as Moola Nakshatra.

Furthermore, this Nakshatra is controlled by Lord Kali, the deity of destruction, and is located in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Moreover, Mula Nakshatra is linked to profound emotions, spiritual growth, and transformational events. Additionally, individuals born under this Nakshatra are thought to have great determination, tenacity, and a natural predisposition towards spirituality.

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Significance of Moola Nakshatra Homam

Nakshatras are important in Vedic astrology because they are said to impact different areas of a person’s life, such as personality characteristics, behaviour, relationships, and career. This Nakshatra is connected with a variety of attributes and characteristics that are said to impact those born under its influence.

The Moola Nakshatra Homam is conducted to please the Goddess Maha Kali, who is linked with this Nakshatra. The homam is performed by qualified Vedic priests who chant holy mantras and carry out rituals to elicit the deity’s blessings. This Homam’s major goal is to seek protection, eliminate barriers, and achieve spiritual progress.

The following are the significances of the Moola Nakshatra Homam:

1. Overcoming hurdles:

It is thought that doing the Mula Nakshatra Homam can aid in the resolution of life’s problems and challenges. This homam is supposed to placate the deity and seek her blessings in order to eliminate obstacles and promote smooth growth in all realms of life.

2. Health and Well-being:

The Homam is also conducted to obtain blessings for good health and well-being. The homam is said to help mitigate the negative effects of planetary influences and promote bodily and mental well-being.

3. Help in Career and Success:

Individuals experiencing career-related obstacles or seeking professional progress can do this homam to obtain Goddess Maha Kali‘s blessings. It is thought to improve job chances, provide success in endeavours, and remove professional impediments.

Moola Nakshatra

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4. Spiritual development:

The Mula Nakshatra Homam is regarded as a potent spiritual practice. Moreover, individuals can seek spiritual progress, inner change, and connection with the divine forces linked with the Nakshatra by doing this homam with devotion and sincerity.

5. Karmic cleansing:

The Mula Nakshatra Homam, however, is thought to aid in the purification of harmful karmas and ancestral influences. Additionally, individuals can seek release from past karmic loads and build positive karma for a better future by conducting this ceremony.

Effects of Moola Nakshatra

The 19th Nakshatra in Vedic astrology is Mula Nakshatra, also known as Mula Nakshatra. It is represented by a cluster of stars in the Sagittarius constellation. It has the following major effects:

● Nature: Mula Nakshatra people are frequently resolute, bold, and self-sufficient. They have a tremendous drive to learn and explore new things. They may be restless and need continual change and progress in their life.

● The Negative Characteristics: Mula Nakshatra people might be impetuous and violent at times. They may struggle with self-discipline and may need to concentrate on positively channelling their energy. They may also encounter difficulties while interacting with authoritative persons or limits.

● Career and Profession: Mula Nakshatra influences those who pursue careers in spirituality, study, philosophy, teaching, and exploration. They may flourish in professions such as archaeology, astrology, psychiatry, or investigative journalism where they may find hidden facts.

● Relationships and Compatibility: Individuals born under the Mula Nakshatra are considered to be dedicated to their loved ones. However, their restless temperament and desire for discovery can make it difficult to sustain permanent partnerships. They can look for partners who understand and encourage their drive for knowledge and improvement.

● Health: Mula Nakshatra people may need to pay special attention to their digestive system and liver health. To avoid digestive issues and other diseases, they should keep a balanced diet and lifestyle.

Moola Nakshatra

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Moola Nakshatra Homam Procedure

The Mula Nakshatra Homam is a complex Vedic rite that is carried out by qualified priests or Brahmins. It entails a number of sophisticated stages and ceremonies. Here is a full breakdown of the Homam’s key components:

● Selecting an Auspicious Date: To maximise the benefits, the Homam is frequently done on auspicious days that correlate with Moola Nakshatra or other favourable planetary alignments.

Purification: Prior to the start of the Homam, both the location and the participants are cleansed. Prayers, meditation, and ceremonial baths are used to cleanse the mind, body, and spirit.

Holy Space Creation: A holy altar is meticulously set up, adorned with bright flowers, heavenly symbols, and fortunate things. The altar symbolises a cosmic link between the human and divine realms.

Invoking the Deity: At the holy altar, the priests recite strong Vedic hymns and mantras to summon Lord Kali’s blessings and seek his divine presence. To increase the power of the Homam, particular mantras linked with Mula Nakshatra are spoken.

Fire Ritual: At the centre of the altar, a sacred fire known as the Agni is lighted. While saying particular prayers, offerings like as ghee, grains, and herbs are made into the fire. The fire serves as a conduit for prayers and offerings to reach the divine realm.

Mantra Chanting: The priests recite strong mantras devoted to Moola Nakshatra and Lord Kali during the Homam. These mantras resonate with the Nakshatra’s cosmic energy and activate its good properties.

Offerings at the End of the Homam: The last part of the Homam involves making offerings to the fire as a show of appreciation and submission. The participants seek Lord Kali’s blessings and pray for their well-being, spiritual progress, and the averting of any malevolent forces.

Moola Nakshatra

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Remedies of Moola Nakshatra:

When a person’s natal constellation is Moola and he is suffering and causing inauspicious or bad consequences, he should use Moola Nakshatra measures or remedies to avoid the following adverse effects.

  1. Red, black, and golden colours should be worn as much as possible to counteract the unfavourable effects of this constellation.
  2. Garlic gemstones can be worn to alleviate the problems produced by Moola Nakshatra, resulting in favourable improvements in the person’s life.
  3. Worshipping Mata Kali is said to be the most effective and efficient way to lessen its adverse effects.
  4. Worshipping Goddess Niriti might mitigate the negative impacts of this constellation.
  5. Worshipping Lord Shiva might also help to mitigate the negative consequences of this Nakshatra.
  6. If the native employs the colours associated with this Nakshatra, it will minimise the bad effects on the native’s life while increasing the good benefits.
  7. Many experts think that meditating about death in such a scenario might diminish the bad energy of the Moola constellation.
  8. Worship of Lord Shiva creates a particular power that increases the good benefits of Moola Nakshatra when the Moon transits over it.
  9. Worshipping Goddess Kali and Durga during the Moon’s passage in Moola Nakshatra strengthens this Nakshatra and decreases negativity.
  10. If a person wants to lessen the malefic effects of Moola Nakshatra, tying the Mandar root in the right arm or around the neck initially can be useful.
  11. Wear the Mandar root during the Moon’s passage in Moola Nakshatra for faster and greater results.
  12. To counteract the malevolent effects of Moola Nakshatra, a person should sing at least 108 Vedic mantras everyday while wearing clean clothing after bathing; this will yield results quickly.
Moola Nakshatra

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Moola Nakshatra Mantra:

ऊँ मातवे पुत्रं पृथिवी पुरीष्यमग्निगूं स्वेयोनावाभारुषा ।

तां विश्वेदेवर्ऋतुभि संवदान: प्रजापतिर्विश्वकर्मा विमुचतु ऊँ निर्ऋतये नम: ।।


Om Matave Putram Prithivi Purishyamagnigun Swayonavabharusha.

tam visgvedevrutubhi sanvadan Prajapatirvishwakarma Vimuchtu Om Nirritaye Namah.


The deity of Moola Nakshatra is “Nriti”, the goddess of terror and death. According to certain academics, Nriti Devi is Shiva’s destructive force, hence when this constellation is afflicted or under the favourable influence, worship of Lord Shiva is thought to be the most effective therapy.

Worship of Maa Kali has also been seen to be a fantastic treatment for removing the negative effects of this constellation. The malefic effects of this nakshatra can also be eradicated by worshipping Nriti Devi on a daily basis.

The usage of saffron colour has been reported to be helpful for changing the unfavourable influence of this Nakshatra into an auspicious one. Red, black, or golden colours can also be employed to boost the auspiciousness of this Nakshatra. The usage of numerous blended colours is also lucky.

Some experts believe that contemplating death and feeling nothingness might channel the energy of the Moola Nakshatra into something constructive and good.


Q: What is Moola Nakshatra?

A: Moola Nakshatra is the 19th Nakshatra (lunar mansion) in Vedic astrology associated with abundance, wealth, and spiritual growth.

Q: What is Moola Nakshatra Homam?

A: Moola Nakshatra Homam is a sacred ritual performed to invoke the blessings of the Moola Nakshatra deity for prosperity and abundance.

Q: What are the benefits of performing Moola Nakshatra Homam?

A: Performing Moola Nakshatra Homam can bring financial stability, success in endeavors, removal of obstacles, and overall prosperity.

Q: Is there any specific day or time to perform the Moola Nakshatra Homam?

A: While there are no strict rules, performing the Moola Nakshatra Homam during auspicious Nakshatra timings or on special occasions can enhance its benefits.

Q: Can the effects of the Moola Nakshatra Homam be felt immediately?

A: The effects of the Moola Nakshatra Homam can vary for each individual, and it may take time to manifest tangible results. Patience and faith are important.



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