Opal Gemstone is connected with the venus planet and zodiac Libra. It is a semi-precious gemstone and is also called a “Queen of Gems” or “The eye of God”. Opal is commonly known as Upal in Hindi and it has immeasurable benefits in beauty, good health, love, and prosperity.

Ratan Shastra described the special benefits of all 9 main gems. Every gem is connected with some planet also by wearing the Gem, the native gets the benefit of the specific planet.

Opal Gem which is connected with Venus is a sign of Love and brings sweetness between husband and wife and builds a happy relationship. In astrology, the planet Venus has been considered the factor of married life, love, beauty, attraction, and physical comforts.



An anthropologist Louis Leaky found this beautiful stone. He found this beauty of nature in a cave in Kenya and defined this beauty as  “Having a refulgent fire of the carbuncle, the glorious purple of the amethyst, the sea green of emerald, and all those colors glittering together mixed in an incredible way”.

This magnificent gemstone is ruled by the planet of love “Venus” and also treat Venus if it’s weak in your birth chart. This stone brings luxurious life for a person who was born in October.

There is much more jewelry than consists of Opal gemstones but apart from fashionable jewelry, it has many astrological benefits. It is also known as a substitute for diamonds.



  • According to our Vedic astrology, this gemstone is especially beneficial for people whose zodiac sign is Taurus and Libra. It is considered auspicious for them. apart from them a person with zodiac signs of Capricorn, Aquarius, Gemini, and Virgo can also wear this gemstone but only after consulting with an astrologer.
  • If your Venus plant is weak in the Navansh horoscope, you should wear an Opal stone. Apart from it, you can also wear the beautiful stone if Venus is positioned as a first, second, seventh, ninth, or tenth house.
  • If sourness is coming into your love life, then you can wear this Gemstone as it brings love and happiness to the relationship.
  • Wearing this gem enhances the personality of a person.
  • People who are working in the fields related to Music, Actor, Actress, Painting, Dance, TV, Film, Theatre, Computer, and IT. Opal is considered auspicious and fruitful for those people.
  • Opal gemstone changes their color on the health of the wearer. The color becomes brown when the gemstone finds that the wearer is unhealthy. The yellow color of this Opal gemstone gives the sign of some dangerous disease or accident.


opal gemstone

  1. This gemstone helps to find love, happiness, and prosperity.
  2. It brings creativity, passion, and strength to the wearer’s life.
  3. If your marriage life is in trouble then it brings stability into it.
  4. This gemstone is a sign of good fortune.
  5. Financial growth and charms come into your life after wearing this gemstone.
  6. Legal matters can be solved by the divine power of the gemstone.
  7. It removes the confusion from life and also prevents you from going in the wrong direction.
  8. The Opal gemstone connects you with the positive energy of the earth.
  9. The gemstone of Love also helps you to overcome past relationships.
  10. Opal gemstone helps you to open your eyes and you can see things in different ways with positivity.
  11. It calms your mind and gives you mental peace too.
  12. Opal gemstone brings peace, joy & wealth to the wearer.
  13. This incredible gemstone boost your self-confidence.
  14. By wearing an Opal gemstone, a person not only gets the support of luck but also his life is filled with happiness
  15. It eases the pain brought on by the past.
  16. Opal is renowned for promoting calmness and reducing anxiety.
  17. Opal improves a person’s decision-making abilities and allows an unrestricted flow of thoughts.
  18. The third eye of the wearer’s soul opens with this gem.
  19. Opal transforms the wearer into a devoted, gentle, and affectionate person.
  20. People prefer to wear Opal to get happiness and peace in their life.


  1. This gemstone is also helpful in treating some medical problems of the eye and stomach.
  2. The functioning of the kidney could be improved by wearing this gemstone.
  3. This gemstone also helps the problem related to blood and the spine.
  4. Opal gemstone is beneficial for some parts of the body such as the eyes, throat, spleen, bone marrow, pancreas, and reproductive organs.
  5. There are several types of Opal gemstones but a pink gemstone is beneficial for headaches.


  • Fair-haired girls wanted to wear opal gemstone neckpieces to preserve the color of their hair.
  • Black opal was believed to give power to magicians. The positive or negative use of such power was not associated with the stone but with the magician.
  • In medieval times, the opal was known as the ‘Patronus Forum’ (‘patron of thieves’ in Latin) because it was believed to make the wearer invisible at will.


  • The first point that comes in we have to keep in mind before wearing any gemstone is that take advice from astrologers.
  • If you’re wearing this gemstone before consulting with astrologers it may drain your energy and you may feel laziness all the time.
  • Venus represents human passion. Opal is a great addition to and aids in attracting happiness and harmony in a relationship.


Opal gemstone

  • The best day to wear Opal Gemstones is the Friday of Shuka Paksha of any month.
  • Before wearing the gemstone you have to pure it with Ganga Jal and cows’ milk.
  • Keep it immersed in a bowl with Tulsi leaves, Ganga Jal, curd, and honey.
  • Then take a white cloth and put an Opal gemstone on it.
  • Chant the mantra of Venus with garland in hand and the mantra is ॐ द्रां द्रीं द्रौं स: शुक्राय नमः
  • It should be worn on the ring finger of the right hand.

You have to keep in mind that you can only use metals like Silver, Platinum, and Gold.



  • As per Vedic Astrology, Opal Ratna (Opal Stone) is generally worn when Venus is in the first, second, seventh, ninth, or tenth house of a person’s birth chart.
  • It is not recommended to wear Opal with Ruby, Pearl, or Pukhraj. People who are having Venus Mahadasha or Antardasha in their horoscope are strongly advised to use this stone so that they can reap the benefits of the Opal stone.
  • Venus represents human passion. Opal is a great addition to attract and aid happiness and harmony in a relationship.
  • People having Mahadasha or Antardasha of Venus in their horoscope are advised to use this gemstone so that they can reap the wide benefits of Opal gemstone.


Opal gemstone

There are many possibilities that people choose the bad quality of Opal as in today’s time duplicate piece of every ornament is available. So, to choose the Good and best quality of Opal, here are some points:-


Australia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Hungary, Mexico, the U.S.A., and Sudan are some parts of the world who has the dominating origin of Opal. But in these, all of, Australia provides the best quality of Opal and thus in Australia Opal has the highest value.


Opal gemstone has different colors and every color has its own astrological value. orange, black, green, blue, and pink are some colors of Opal gemstone but White Opal with fire tints is the most valuable gemstone among all and the best astrological value too.


The appearance and shine of the Opal make it more valuable, an Opal with a fine line of fire with consistent fire tints makes it precious.


The price and quality of Opal gemstone define by its fire patterns too. Incredible, bright, and colorful fire lines in different patterns of an Opal are considered Ideal stones.


The finest Opal has a smooth edge. Generally, Opal gemstone comes in an oval shape and every angle of this beautiful gemstone shows clear fire patterns.


The white Opal is the most precious and ideal gemstone and a genuine Opal has a crystal-clear appearance with minimum inclusions.


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