Shani Mahadasha gives you positive and negative results. According to Vedic Astrology, every person has to face the outbreak of nine plants once in life. The effect of nine planets varies from person to person, some are rarely encountered in life and some are encountered many times.

“God Shani gives you results according to your works” this statement implies in every person’s life. God Shani is considered the God of Justice. The effect of Saturn planet could be in a person’s life for 19 years. If Saturn is Inauspicious in a person’s horoscope then they might have to suffer mentally and financially too.

Most of the time a person can be affected by Sade Sati if the effect of Shani is negative in the person’s horoscope.


In the seven-and-a-half years of the period when Saturn passes through three signs: one is the moon, one before the moon, and one after the moon. Most of the time Sade Sati gives you many challenges and troubles and mostly financially. The success of the person can be down at this time if the Sade Sati effect starts on their birth chart. But for some persons, the Sade Sati effect is very beneficiary like no other time in their life.

Who is Lord Shani Dev



According to Vedic astrology, every person has to face Shani Mahadasha once in life. The effect of Shani Mahadasha could be positive or negative. If the effect is negative on the native’s horoscope then most of the time natives have to face financial problems in life. The person could face loss in business too.

God Shani and God Sun are not friendly with each other. So if they both are placed in the same position of a person’s horoscope then the person can lose his status.

Apart from these, there are some major problems that people face during the Shani Mahadasha as the effect of Shani is negative most of the time, according to our Hindu religion. Some major problems are:-

  • The native may feel anxious and restless all the time.
  • Fears become a person’s habit in every situation if Shani Mahadsha affects his horoscope in a negative way.
  • The affected person may connect with family fights and conflicts within the family.
  • Natives can lose their work concentration and they may not give their 100% productivity toward work.
  • If the person is affected by Shani Mahadasha then they may lose their job or suffer financial loss in business.
  • Shani Mahadasha affected person could lose their loved ones during this phase.
  • Relationships with friends, family, and loved ones may be spoiled during these times.
  • While doing work the native may not feel motivated by their performance and it leads to the loss of jobs or career problems.
  • If a native is starting something new during their Shani Mahadasha phase, most of the time it may not succeed.
  • All the negative effect of Shani Mahadasha leads to frustration and aggressiveness.


The positive effect of Shani Mahadasha may change the native’s life. As the God Shani is the God of the result. He gives you results according to your previous work.

If Saturn planet is in a good position in the native’s horoscope then the first thing that natives get is money. God Shani blessed them financially. The person whose Shani is in a good position gets success in the business.

  • The positive effect of Shani Mahadasha builds the native character in a good way.
  • The social status of a person reaches a new height through the positive effect of the God Shani.
  • In some situations, the luck of the person turns and he may get success without any effort. However, these situations do not give you support all the time. So, if it happens to you then you have been calm and down to earth even after success.
  • The positive effect of Shani Mahadasha gives you power and authority.
  • You can gain knowledge during the effect of Shani Mahadasha.


Under Shani Mahadasha there are various Antradasha that affects your life along with Shani. Venus and Mercury Antardashas under Shani Mahadasha give you a positive result while when Saturn pairs Sun, Moon, or Mars it gives you disadvantages.

Antradasha is the extended period of Mahadasha where Mahadasah is divided into several periods. It means Mahadasha consists of all nine plants and there is one ruler plant. When the ruler planet pairs with the other 8 on different periods of time, it gives positive or negative results.


If Saturn is unaffected in the horoscope, most of the time the native gets a positive result. This period is good for resolving family issues and the native gets social support. In another way, if Saturn is afflicted then it affects your professional life in a negative way. The negative effect of Shani Mahadasha shows in your character too as you become aggressive and jealous.


Mercury Antradasha in Shani Mahadasha is considered good in astrology. It brings social recognition and good amenities. The native gets business growth if they belong to the business field or professional success if they are in the job. During these times, the person becomes efficient in handling challenges.  Apart from this, it makes the natives charitable, intellectual, and intelligent. Social work, charities, and donations come into the game more during this Antradasha.



During this Antradasha, the person involves in Spritual more. Chances of travel also increase during this time. The Shani Mahadasha is associated with the 12th house of astrology, so the earning of the person increase in this period. But as the earning increases then the expenses also increase. The negative effect of Shani Mahadasha makes you weak from the inside and you feel disturbed all the time. Natie may involve in family conflicts in this period and due to these reasons Native becomes more spiritual than before to find peace.


During Shani Mahadasha the Venu Antradasha gives a positive impact on your life. After many hardships and struggles the person finds light in the dark and gets the result of success. If Saturn is beneficial to the person’s birth chart then it brings happiness in martial life and the native spends life with luxury & comfort. During Venus Antradasha, the career gets back on the original path and the native can see good progress in career & promotion.


During this period, the native might see a delay in success and problems in their professional life. Mostly in this phase, family problems arise as the native’s relations with their father may change in a worse way and the native cal also fell like detachment from the family. Native’s enemy may take advantage of these situations. Apart from family conflicts, the Health of the person can also affect by this Antradasha such as fever, headache, etc.


This Mahadasha brings a negative impact on the native’s life. Depression, restlessness, and mental stress may increase during this phase in professional and personal life. The natives become mentally weak and your enemies may take advantage of this situation by interfering at every opportunity. Natives can reduce and tackle these problems by taking part in spiritual activities.


This Antradasha makes the native aggressive and the person becomes dominant. Most of the time this Mahadasha affects your relationship. If the native would not control their temper in this situation, then the situation becomes worse than before. In Mars Antradasha, there might be some conflicts arises with partners and enemies will try to damage your image. This Mahadasha also impacts your personal goals.


During this Mahadasha, the biggest factor that comes into your life is doubts. The native deterred to take the decision with their life. Only hard work and belief are the solution to this Mahadasha. Mental stress affects most of the time in these situations. There could be some decline in career. The most important factor that you have to keep in mind during this Mahadasha is self-belief. work hard for your goals with positivity.


Jupiter is considered a beneficial planet for everyone and association with Saturn planet brings knowledge and spirituality into your life. Education and intelligence help the native to fight all problems and enemies in this Mahadasha. It brings happiness in life and the path of career goes in the way of success. A native acquires knowledge in these Mahadasha which helps them to release mental stress.


Hanuman Chalisa

Hanuman Chalisa or Hanuman Mantra helps you in every situation. Hanuman ji consider the powerful god and Hanuman Chalisa helps you tackle all the negative energy and negative impact of Saturn Planet.

Participate in donation

Most of the time, the effect of Sade Sati or Shani Mahadasa comes into your life because of your past life. So, doing some charity or donation helps you to earn some good karma. Donating black fabric, mustard seeds, or mustard oil consider to be auspicious and negates the adverse effects of the period.

Feeding the needy 

Serve and feed food to the needy shows devotion to a god. It is a good remedy in Mahadasha as it brings good & positive energy if you’re doing it for no reason. Mostly serving homemade food to the needy is good as it is the pure devotion of god.

Detoxification of body

Consuming Alcohol or smoking is not good for the body and it also decides your krama. It brings anger to Saturn and Saturn is the judge of all planets. So avoid using these to bring positivity and happiness in life.

Engaging in good deeds

Your future decides with your karma. So try to engage in good deeds as much as possible. The more you take good steps the more you succeed in your career. The good step is not always the devotion to God, the good step can be the donation, feeding the needy, charity, or quitting bad habits.


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