Vastu shastra for Kitchen gives auspicious and ominous results for every constructive place. The kitchen is the place where you acquire nutrition and healthy life. A house doesn’t feel like a house without a Kitchen, and Vastu Shastra helps to tackle the evil eye.

The importance of Vatu Shastra in the kitchen is always important because it directly impacts the health and happiness of the family. Every corner of the kitchen and every small change in the kitchen must be decided through Vastu Shastra if you want positive energy in your kitchen.



In the kitchen, we used to cook food and prepare meals for the day. It consumes a lot of energy. Believe me, Vastu Shastra is directly related to the health of the household. Health, nutrition, and overall fitness are dependent on the kitchen and to bring all the positive energy all health into the house, it is important to follow some Vastu tips before designing the kitchen.

All the factors of Vastu Shastra need lots of time and analysis, but this will decide the perfect place and perfect design of the kitchen according to our Veda Shastra. It sounds like Vastu Shastra for Kitchen is an old-age practice but there is lots of science behind it to make your life and culture beautiful.



vastu shastra for kitchen


When you have a new home and you have the freedom to decide where to build your kitchen. So, the best place for the kitchen according to the Vastu Shastra for Kitchen is the South-east corner of the house. In our Veda Shastra, the direction south-east refers to the Agneya which is related to the fire. Fire or Agni has an important role in the kitchen as we use it most.

If not southeast then you can build your kitchen in the northwest direction too but if you have options then go for the southeast direction.



The first tip for the color according to the Vastu Shastra for Kitchen does not use dark colors as it is unauspicious. The most ideal color for the kitchen is Green as it is considered a sign of positive energy.

Yellow, rose red, orange, or brown is also a good color for the kitchen but does not use black or blur color for your kitchen.

We can refer to these three colors for the wall:-

  1. The white color of kitchen represents the cleanness and purity.
  2. Yellow color is the song of cherry and positivity
  3. Some pastel shades of color in the kitchen represent warmth and love.

We can use these colors for kitchen cabinets, slabs, and floors:-

  1. Lemon yellow, orange, or green cabinets as these three colors are the sign of freshness and good health.
  2. Ceramic tiles, mosaic, or marble flooring brings positivity to your kitchen.
  3. Quartz or granite slabs help balance the environment.


While building the kitchen, ensure that the entrance or door of the kitchen should be at the corner of the kitchen. In Vedic Shastra, Vastu Shastra for Kitchen North, West, and East directions have been considered as the ideal directions for the open entrance in the kitchen.



The most essential element of the kitchen is the Gas stove where we cook food. The ideal direction for the kitchen is southeast as it is related to the fire, similarly, the direction of the Gas stove should be in the South-east direction as it is directly related to the fire. In our Vedic Shastra, the southeast direction refers to the Agneya.

The person who cooks food should be faced in the east direction as it is considered auspicious in our Vedic Shastra for the kitchen. Another important tip for the kitchen is the person who cooks food should not show their back to the door of the kitchen.

vastu shastra for kitchen



In our tips for Vastu Shastra for Kitchen, the ideal location for storing grains, spices, and other items in the kitchen is the South-west direction.

Another option for storage is the North-west direction of the kitchen but sometimes it may give a blow to the pocket in some way according to the Vastu Shastra for Kitchen.



According to the Vastu Shastra for Kitchen, the use of stone or marble instead of granite is good for your kitchen. But this is also dependent on the layout of the kitchen.

As per Vastu Shastra for Kitchen, If your is in the south or South-east then the brown, maroon or green slabs are best for your kitchen.

If your kitchen is in the North-east direction then use the yellow slabs.

Most of the time, these two directions are mostly preferred by people for the kitchen but if your kitchen is in another direction part of these two then you can use these tips for your slabs:-

Our Vastu Shastra for Kitchen says that if the kitchen is in the east then you can use a green or brown slab as it is considered ideal for your kitchen.

A grey or yellow slab is recommended by the Vastu experts for a kitchen if it is located in the west.

Preferably you can avoid the north direction for your kitchen but if you are going in this direction then Green is the color for the kitchen slab in the north.

vastu shastra for kitchen


The Vastu Shastra for the kitchen described the Eastern side of the kitchen as the best for windows and the ventilators of the kitchen should be in the Southern direction.

South-east corner of the kitchen and just the upper side of the stove, the South-east wall is the ideal direction for the exhaust fan in the kitchen.

In our Vedic Shastra, every fact and tip has its alternative. So if it is not possible then you can refer to other Vastu Shastra for kitchen tips in our Vedic Shastra.



As we all know, water and fire are conflicting elements. According to the rule of Vastu Shastra for the Kitchen, you can place water purifiers and other water-related things on the left side of the stove which means the North-east wall of the kitchen. Keep it far away from the stove to ensure that it does not make any accidents.

Similarly, the place of the sink is also in the North-east direction, far from the stove and just close to the water purifiers.



The electric appliance makes our life easy and helps in many ways in the kitchen. so, it is also important to place these things as per the Vastu Shastra for the kitchen.

The South-east corner of the kitchen is the ideal place for electrical appliances such as microwaves, grinders, etc. But please make sure that these do not comprise with each other because it may become the reason for the accident.

The dishwasher in the kitchen should be in the North-west direction means the left side of the sink.

The ideal place for the cylinder in the kitchen is the South-east just the lower side of the stove.

Another important appliance of the kitchen is the Refrigerator, there are many places that are ideal for this such as North-west, South-east, or South-west but keep it away from the North-side of the kitchen.



vastu shastra for kitchen

  1. Keep your kitchen clean. Remove all the unnecessary things from the kitchen including the broken cups, and dishes. Cleanness brings positivity, clean kitchen results in your health. Before sleeping at night, clean your kitchen always.
  2. The dustbin in the kitchen should also be clean and make sure that the lid of the dustbin is on.
  3. The Vastu Shastra for Kitchen says that plant some Tulis, Pudina, or any healthy plant in your kitchen as it directly impacts the environment and makes your kitchen healthy.
  4. Keep a small idol of Annapurna Devi(Goddess of food) in the kitchen.
  5. The kitchen should have at least one window to let the negativity out and also to bring natural fresh air from the window.
  6. The stove and the water elements of the kitchen should be at enough distance to not to make any accidents. Similarly, the electrical appliance of the kitchen is also some distance.
  7. Knives & scissors in the kitchen should be under the cover. According to the Vastu Shastra, open knife arise a bitter relationship in the family.
  8. According to the Vastu Shastra for Kitchen, Ghee & cooking oil in the kitchen place in the South-east or any south direction. As per the Vastu Shastra for Kitchen, this step will ensure that your kitchen will fill with food always.



  1. According to the Vastu Shastra for Kitchen, the kitchen must not face the entrance of the house.
  2. Another important tip for the kitchen is that don’t keep medicines in the kitchen.
  3. Avoid keeping old newspapers, or waste materials in the kitchen.
  4. Never keep the shoe rack close to the kitchen and never wear shoes in the kitchen. As it is considered not good for the house.
  5. Washbasins and cooking ranges are not put parallel to each other as it creates fights or rifts between family members.



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