Ketu & Ketu Mahadasha

An Overview:

Ketu is the lunar node that is seen as falling in Vedic astrology, also known as Hindu astrology, or as being more south. The immortal Asura (demon) Svarbhanu, who was beheaded by the deity Vishnu, is said to have two halves, which Rahu and Ketu are intended to symbolise.

Rahu and Ketu have both been elevated to godhood and deified. The lunar south node, Ketu, is regarded as a separate planet in astrology. From an astronomical standpoint, it is not a planet, but because of the enormous impact it has on human existence, it is considered to be a planet.

Ketu is a planet that facilitates detachment from material worries and a move toward the spiritual path. He never gives up seeking moksha, sometimes referred to as salvation. It takes around 18 months to move from one sign of the zodiac to another.

Similar to the Sun Mahadasha, the Ketu Mahadasha era lasts for 18 years.

Ketu, being headless, leads to many predicaments with baseless and incorrect judgments needing to be made.

Ketu And Its Influence:

A connection may be made between Ketu and the way of thinking that is typical in the area. The victim experiences mental and emotional pain as a direct result of the disease, and in many instances, the victim also demonstrates physical indications of the condition.

It is to blame for the widespread despair, dread, and nightmares that have been experienced by the local community. Those who are responsible for its creation should be held accountable.

The person involved begins to entertain a great number of bizarre ideas and thoughts. It is possible for a person’s mental health to worsen to the point where they get psychosis if Ketu is in conjunction with the moon or in opposition to it. This might occur if the moon is in opposition to the planet Ketu at the time.

A person who is wicked in their thoughts and deeds, which associates with the lowly and those who have been cast out, who is miserable, whose homes face south, who enjoys travelling, who lives outside or in a large jungle, who enjoys lying and continues to lie.

Also, a person who lacks the courage to look upward while walking and talking to other people is an example of a person who is influenced by Ketu.

Someone from a low caste, someone with evil intents, or someone who has nodes, which are a symbol of piercing, searing pain and stomach issues, is what Ketu implies. Objects such as Buddhists, asses, rams, wolves, camels, serpents, hazardous insects, gloomy locations, bugs, insects, owls, and so on are included as nodes in the network.

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What Is Ketu Mahadasha?

Ketu is a spiritual planet that exerts influences on you that are diametrically opposed to the worldly preferences and environment in which you live. You will accomplish amazing things in terms of your spiritual development and your level of knowledge.

If you are now in the Ketu Mahadasha, which lasts for seven years, there is a good probability that you will be less inclined to live a married life than you would otherwise be. Even if you are married, you will feel very disconnected from your partner, and you will have a powerful desire to cease living this sort of life.

It’s also possible to feel that you’re missing out on a significant amount of happiness, which can eventually lead to a very miserable existence. There is a possibility that you may go through some painful experiences sometimes, whether they are related to your health or to life in general.

The consequences of Ketu Mahadasha can cause an enormous amount of mental unrest and worry. You will be able to use the energy you have gained throughout this dasha to questions of philosophy as well as to the performance of acts of virtue.

One may find that their religious leanings become more apparent, and they may also find that you become more involved in the activities of the community. They will emerge from this time with an exceptionally powerful inner fortitude.

It is possible that you may forgo the luxurious indulgences of material goods in favour of the simpler pleasures of family life and the everyday objects that surround you. You will have a natural inclination for yoga and meditation as a result of Ketu Mahadasha since it shapes you in such a way.

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Ketu Mahadasha: Positive Effects

  • The Ketu Mahadasha has the potential to bring about significant change in your life. This significant adjustment can prove to be quite strong but, at the same time, might be a bit worrisome too. Ketu Mahadasha presents an excellent opportunity to realise long-held aspirations and indulge in long-cherished religious pastimes.
  • During the portion of the Ketu Mahadasha that is favourable, you will have feelings of being blessed. During the period of Ketu Mahadasha, it is essential to strike a healthy balance between one’s religious and spiritual convictions.
  • It is stated that when Ketu Mahadasha occurs, it might provide the impression that one is progressing down the path to freedom. There will be a significant rise in one’s inventive capabilities. You are going to have a lot of good luck, and regardless of where it comes from, you are going to have a lot of excellent money and fortune in your hands.
  • During the period of the Ketu Mahadasha, you will find that many possibilities present themselves to you. Positive Ketu Mahadasha results bring with them a number of other blessings, including a prosperous profession and a long and healthy life.

It’s Negative Effects

  • The consequences of Ketu Mahadasha can lead to emotional problems and outbursts, both of which can cause mental stress. Ketu, being headless, leads to many predicaments with baseless and incorrect judgments needing to be made.
  • Even when you are in the simplest of situations, you might find that you are feeling confused. There is a possibility that your end will exhibit certain undesirable events and behaviour that defies reasonable explanation.
  • Occupation of incorrect house by Ketu often leads to typical losses in loved ones, careers, or businesses. While on the road to atonement, you run the risk of becoming inwardly focused and isolating yourself from others.
  • Low energy levels and feeling completely spent will be noticeable frequently. Significant life shifts may cause increased irritability and rage in your behavior and outlook.
  • In addition to this, there is a substantial risk of experiencing health issues that are severe. Misplaced Ketu in horoscope may risk mental and physical health problems. Ketu is a planet that rules the pelvis.
  • In Ketu Mahadasha, expect obstacles and frequent decision-making moments to find the path leading to fulfillment.

Ketu Mahadasha Affects Planets Too:

The influence of Ketu Antardasha during Ketu Mahadasha can be positive or negative, depending on the context. You will, for the most part, develop an effective defence system against everything that happens in your life.

During Mahadasha, exposing yourself to new situations may be quite beneficial to your spiritual development. There is a chance that you may notice significant shifts in practically everything in your immediate environment. Your intellectual capacity might perceive alterations in either an incremental or damaging manner.

When in harmony with Mars, Venus, and Saturn, Ketu Mahadasha’s influence may be quite favourable. When positioned with the Sun or the Moon, it will have a negative effect.

Mahadasha will produce favourable outcomes for those born under the sign of Aries, Cancer, or Aquarius as their ascendant. It has the potential to produce unfavourable outcomes for Libra ascendants.

Ketu Madasha Remedies:

The following traditional treatments have been recommended by Vedic astrology to mitigate the negative effects of Mahadasha.

Astrological treatments for Ketu Mahadasha include the following:

Worshipping Kuladevi is effective, neutralizing negative effects of nine planets and offering protection from their influence. Honour and adore the god Ganesha, and worship him regularly.

Dogs and fish should be given food. Cow ghee should be used to light a lamp inside a shrine. A tilak made of saffron or Chandan can be applied to the forehead. Cat’s eye is a powerful gemstone. Adorn a gold or panchdhatu pendant, wear it around your neck for its benefits.

Moreover, Some Practical Remedies for the Ketu Mahadasha include:

Practising meditation and the skill of energy balance under the guidance of practitioners. In order to alleviate the tension that will inevitably surround you during Dasha, adhere to a stringent fitness plan. Discover how to cultivate a positive mentality in order to triumph over the negative aspects of life.



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